My Beloved Nabi


    Oh my Nabi, the noor of the world

    With the birth of whom shirk was hurled

    Here I have come , oh dearest nabi
    After an umrah in the month of akhirRabi

    The ignorant world may have named nine great wonders
    But ya rasool ; for me you are the greatest of greatest wonders

    Oh habeebi here I use my words in your salam and swalath
    At mahshara, my only hope of jannah is your shafaath

    I know I am a sinner with a heart full of wickedness
    But now I hang my head in shame before you in forgiveness

    Surely ya nabi , Allah’s forgiveness lies with your forgiveness
    As I fear falling in Jahannam 1000 times fierce than burning furnace

    Dear Rasool , I may not become the best of your muhibbeen
    But I kneel before Allah in dua to be one among those great followers of the deen

    Two days went so fast like a dream
    But in my mind, that memory will always gleam

    With a heavy heart I bid farewell to you habeebi
    Leaving my heart with you, taking my body with me

    Now I intend to start a life , brand new
    With strong desire to once again return to you !!!